6 romantic wedding photography spots in Sapa

Couples who want to capture moments of overflowing happiness with their beloved half, don't miss out on these 6 “breathtaking” places to take wedding photos right on the resort's premises for the beautiful bride and groom photo book.

Like a magnificent "French castle" in the heart of the misty city, Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa conquers visitors by its exquisite architecture, beautiful scenery and high-class ambiance.

Hundred-year-old rose garden

Following the winding road around the hill, Silk Path’s ancient rose garden captivated many ladies by its fresh and romantic "Western" and "flattering" scenery. This place is home to hundreds of rare and precious four-seasons flower species, “vintage” smooth green vines and especially Sapa ancient roses. Multi-colored rose bushes, some elegant bright pink, some gentle blue-white, some pure gold filled with seductive fragrance, thick petals, natural color soaked with morning dew; blooming under the cold weather creates a magical atmosphere. If you are a fan of Disney fairy tales, couples can play the role of "princess", "prince" once in their life, right at the ancient rose garden of Silk Path Grand Sapa.

Olivio restaurant


Possessing a luxurious interior, the design style is a delicate harmony of neutral Indochinese colors and outstanding indigenous Northwest motifs, Olivio restaurant is a great indoor space to adorn wedding photos and add some uniqueness. The feature that makes couples fall in love with Olivio's interior is the long corridor, mysterious archway, with the famous Hidden Smile painting collection by photographer Réhahn Croquevielle, expressing the emotion with realistic & impressive human touch.

Gazebo observatory



In European garden villas, it is easy to see lovely dome gazebo with stylish pillars, encircle railings, in the middle there is often a set of comfortable tables and chairs, as a place to rest and relax outdoors for owners. Nestled next to the large Then Yard courtyard, the gazebo of Silk Path Grand Sapa is covered with a pure white color, surrounded by green trees & is a place where many guests spend time relaxing, reading books & watching the sunset. If the photographers are lucky, they can capture the beautiful moment, when the bride & groom exchange their lifelong vows & warm kisses under the glittering streaks of light from the horizon of the early dawn or glooming dusk.

The Lobby

The Lobby area of Silk Path Grand Sapa is designed & decorated in an impressive Indochine style with high ceilings, wide corridors, dignified pergola columns & facing the courtyard connecting the archway, combined with cement tile patterns for the interior, which is delightful to the see, easily creating a picture of Indochina that is eye-catching and visually appealing. If you add the theme of "love" in an already spectacular painting with the two main characters, the perspective will become more angular, gorgeous & deeper!

Then Yard “Sky gate”



Located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, Then Yard outdoor courtyard is the favorite venue for mini concerts, afternoon tea parties as well as engagement party of many Silk Path’s guests. Then Yard has an impressive scenery divided into two parts: One side facing the mountains, the endless clouds in Sapa & the other side is the Café 1500 area, which simulates European-style luxury coffee shops, blending Mediterranean fashionable touches. With modern style wedding photos & lots of natural light, Then Yard is an essential part when coming to Sapa!

The Book area



Located on the 2nd floor of the event & conference room area, The Book is a surprise place for many photography enthusiasts. Classic long corridor with large glass windows that reflect strong light, railings curving like in Renaissance castles - Many stylists & brides have taken advantage of this strength to show off their seductive lines of the wedding dresses as well as the flowing chiffon layers. The concept of "by the window" is also loved by many couples, expressing their affection through the camera lens in a natural and impressive way.

What is the perfect time to take wedding photos in Sapa?

The Northwest mountains also have 4 seasons: bright spring, clear summer, golden autumn, white snow in winter. Each season has its own beauty that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. To say which season is the most beautiful depends on each person's feelings.

From November to February every year, Sapa converges the "best" of heaven and earth: Sea of clouds, cool monsoon, light sunshine, hundreds of flowers blooming. Therefore, many couples choose this time to visit Sapa to record the most romantic moments for themselves.

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