Hanoi Walking Street

May 25, 2017

Recently, Hanoi has officially opened the Old Quarter Walking Street, making it into the most enormous walking area in the capital city. The aim of this walking streets is to promote the Vietnamese culture. It is an extraordinary place for both the local and tourists to chill out and enjoy their relaxing time after a stressful workweek.

The walking streets consist of the route surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake – the heart of Hanoi. Pedestrian-only hours start from Friday 6 p.m until Sunday 12 p.m.

Unlike the formerly walking street (Hang Dao, Hang Duong and Dong Xuan or Dong Xuan Night Market) where the vendors are located in the middle of the streets, the roadbeds of these new sixteen pedestrian is available for the citizens to stroll and participate in some traditional games with the local such as the game of dragon-snake, throwing a sacred ball through the ring, the game of squares. However, numerous stalls are also available in some corners for the visitors to taste the food, try on or buy the clothes, accessories, souvenirs and handicrafts.

Peple playing the game of squares
People playing the game of squares (Credit: Google)

If you want to have a portrait of yourself, it is very easy to find the sketching artists along the streets. All you need to do is wait for a few minutes and you will have an incredible sketch with a reasonable price.

The pedestrian can also enjoy the performance of Vietnamese traditional music like Ca Tru, Cheo, Hat Xam… This is a fantastic way for both the local and foreigners to discover and experience the traditional folk music of Vietnam without spending money. You can also find some foreigners singing Vietnamese songs in the walking street.

Vietnamese traditional music sung by professional artists
Vietnamese traditional music sung by professional artists (Credit: Google)

The walking street definitely create a golden chance for its visitors to adore not only the beauty of the architecture of Hanoi but also experience the Vietnamese cultural activities and traditional lifestyle.

Silk Path Boutique Hanoi is located right in the walking street; therefore, you can easily get access and experience the wonderful atmosphere of this pedestrian zone.

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