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Don’t want the usual tourist trip to Hue? You’re in the right place. Make your trip to the ancient capital of Vietnam more special with Silk Path’s 3 recommendations of things to do in Hue!

Hue stands out as a captivating destination in Vietnam, renowned for its cultural gems — ancient tomb complexes and temples — and stunning natural landscapes, including brackish lagoons, and serene unspoiled beaches stretching in arcs with spots of shaded mangrove forests. All in harmony with a slow-paced local life, preserving the poetic beauty of antiquity. Despite enchanting attractions, there are still magical experiences waiting to be discovered. Join Silk Path as we unveil three unique must-try experiences in this ancient capital of Vietnam!


Things to do in Hue #1: Roaming the city on a double-decker bus


Exploring the city aboard a double-decker bus is now possible in Hue. Launched in September 2022, the “City Sightseeing Hue” route features 12 seats on the first floor, 23 on the second, and accommodates one disabled passenger. Visitors will be able to visit most of the famous scenic spots in the city.




Departing from Toa Kham Wharf, the bus traverses key roads like Le Loi, Phu Xuan Bridge, Tran Hung Dao, Le Duan, and Da Vien Bridge, offering scenic views of the Huong River. Notable attraction stops include Dong Ba Market, Phu Van Lau, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Quoc Hoc Hue Gifted High School.

The bus offers multilingual voiceovers in 9 languages, providing insightful information about each landmark and sharing historical tales of the ancient capital.


Ticket price:
One round trip: VND 100,000/ ticket
8-hour ticket: VND 150,000/ ticket



Things to do in Hue #2: Rowing SUP on the Huong River to watch the brilliant sunrise

Photo: Lương Sỹ Hiệu

In recent years, SUP rowing has become a favorite sport activity of many Hue citizens, especially young people.

In the dry season and on sweet sunny days, on a long stretch of the Huong River from Thien Mu Pagoda extends down to Truong Tien Bridge, you can easily find dozens of SUPs slowly floating on the river. People practice the SUP, enjoy the scenery, then take advantage of walking, having a street-style breakfast right on the pedestrian zones.

When rowing SUP on the Huong River, visitors can paddle through many historical and cultural sites from afar or watch the spectacular sunrise, reflecting on the relaxing and clear blue water.

Usually when participating in this activity, visitors often rent SUP by the hour instead of buying it for convenience in moving, commuting, even combining early morning cycling at a fairly reasonable price.

SUP rental price on Huong River:

  • From VND 70,000 – VND 100,000/ SUP/ hour
  • Including: SUP, life jackets, dry bags for electronics and personal belongings
Rowing SUP on Perfume River.
Rowing SUP on Perfume River. Photo: Võ Thạnh/ Vnexpress

Things to do in Hue #3: Cycling around Ru Cha forest, adrift on Tam Giang Lagoon

Photo: khamphadisan.com.vn

With an area of 5 hectares, 90% covered by Ru Cha trees, Ru Cha mangrove forest is the only remaining primeval forest, known as the pearl of Tam Giang Lagoon. Only about 10km from the city center, the way leading to Ru Cha forest is also very convenient; many tourists, especially young people choose to go by bicycle – around 1 hour of travel time, to fully enjoy the wild scenery here. Swirling under the arches of Cha trees, in the cool space of the forest and the sea breeze, the huge roots, clinging to the ground of the Cha tree, create strange and impressive shapes, shading the whole area. Local people also whisper that in July and August of the lunar calendar (August to October of the solar calendar), Ru Cha forest blooms beautifully, looking from afar like a brilliant golden carpet in the countryside of the ancient capital.

Sunset in Ru Cha. Photo: Nguyễn Thị Mai Trang/ Traveloka Golocal

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