You’ll find a wealth of food to enjoy in and around Sapa, from hearty Vietnamese fare to specialties specific to the northern mountains. Let’s list out 5 dishes that must be tried when visiting Sapa with Silk Path Grand Sapa!


Thang Co – An unique specialty of Sapa


Visiting Sapa, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature but also enjoy the unique culinary culture of the ethnic minorities here, especially Thang Co – a dish made from horse meat. Whether it is a foreign tourist or Vietnamese, this unique dish can be quite picky because of its unpleasant fragrance. However, visitors will be attracted by its special taste as soon as they have their first bite.

Learn more about Thang Co – a specialty bearing the cultural identity of indigenous people in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam on Silk Path’s journal.


silkpath-sapa-5-mon-dac-san-sapa-lau-ga-denBlack Chicken Hot Pot

There is a breed of chicken usually found only in the Northwest mountains including the Sapa Black Chicken. People called them ‘Black Chicken’ because their skin, meat, and bones of the chicken all have a characteristic dark gray color. Although it weighs only about 1.2 – 1.5kg, its meat is extremely delicious and firm, has high nutritional value & good for health. Today, Black Chicken has gradually become an indispensable and must-try specialty when visiting the Northwest mountains.

Enjoy the unique flavor of Sapa cuisine with black chicken hot pot: sweet and firm black chicken, fresh vegetables, soft taro, sweet mushrooms, and aromatic herbal broth.

Do not hesitate and come to Samu Restaurant at Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa to enjoy this delicious dish right away.



Smoked Buffalo Jerky

Smoked Buffalo Jerky is a famous specialty dish of the Northwest mountainous region. The buffalo meat is seasoned with chili, ginger, and Mac Khen – a fragrant forest pepper, a local spice of the Northwest ethnic minorities, then smoked by the smoke emitted from the charcoal and firewood stoves in the kitchen. After the cooking is completed, the buffalo jerky will have a light and tempting smoky aroma.




Sapa’s Salmon – Sturgeon Hot Pot

The temperate and subtropical climate in Sapa has helped the locals successfully raise salmon & sturgeon, creating a food source of high nutritional value without having to import from other countries. The salmon here has a firm texture with little fat and fresh pink color. Sapa sturgeon is favored by many people because it has no skeleton, but instead is a row of crispy cartilage running along the body of the fish. Here, the fish is caught in the tank and then prepped to serve immediately for the guests, so it is always in its best condition.


Due to the cold weather in the area, people here enjoy eating salmon and sturgeon as a hotpot topping. Immerse yourself in the unique flavor of a special hot pot set at Samu restaurant – Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa. Diners will have the opportunity to taste the fresh and sweet taste of Sapa salmon – sturgeon with a variety of green vegetables and side dishes.


SAMU Restaurant, Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa


“Cap Nach” Pork (Small Free-Range Pig That Can Be Kept In The Armpit)


“Cap nach” pig is a local pig breed crossed between wild boar and Muong pig, a specialty of the Northwest highlands. At the markets in the highlands, black pigs are put into bamboo, rattan or sacks woven baskets to easily move to the market, people here often carry in bags or carry in the armpit – the name “Cap nach” pork is also derived from this habit.


People often raise free-range in the forest; the pigs look for tubers and roots of forest trees and chew on leaves to get nutrients. Because of the eating habit, the pork belly is delicious, with almost no fat and the fat is not greasy when cooked. The dishes from this type of pork are always appealing to diners.


Delicious Dishes Made From “Cap Nach” Pork:

Crispy Roasted Pork
Photo: bachhoaxanh.com
Steamed Pork Viscera
Photo: vnexpress.net
Steamed Pork
Photo: cookpad.com
Grilled Pork
Gia cay” Pork
Photo: khoruou-gourmet.com