Considered as the most beautiful time of the year, Sapa puts on the golden coat of autumn, the weather gets from breezy cold during the night to lukewarm in the morning, shaping up to be an ideal travel destination for those who love nature and are looking for a peaceful place to rebalance.


The most beautiful season of the year

It is often said that autumn is the most beautiful and romantic season of the year, an ideal time to travel. In September, Sapa’s climate is crisp and pleasant, bringing a more comfortable feeling of dryness and chill than the summer months. At this time, there is no longer downpours like in the rain season “disturbing” the Sapa travel schedule, people can go out all day without worrying about the weather.


Endless terraced fields

Silk Path Grand Sapa | Travel Guide | Golden rice field in Sapa. Photo: Nguyễn Thị Thuý Quỳnh
Golden rice field in Sapa. Photo: Nguyễn Thị Thuý Quỳnh

September is really the “golden” month of Sapa. The harvest season brought to the scenery a vast feeling and a new golden coat of paint, the locals began to enter the harvest, the pace of life in Sapa became busier, attracting a lot of tourists and photographers to capture the daily life moments here. At this time, the terraced fields changed from green to shiny yellow, layers of layers knit together embracing the mountains, hills, and fields, creating a rich, peaceful and intoxicating beauty.

The “secret” to the best photos of the harvest season: Get up early to admire the picture of the highlanders’ harvesting crops, and capture the moment when the dew melts and the warm sunlight floods into the terraced fields scenery.


Marvelous sunrise

A great “combo” for those who love to travel through Sapa: Follow the sun to learn to enjoy and cherish every moment of life. By getting up early to catch the first rays of sunshine, enjoying the morning coffee, taking a walk on the hillsides and enjoying local Sapa cuisine, September seems to be more meaningful and beautiful than ever.

There are many beautiful cafes with mountain views in Sapa. Local restaurants are all hospitable and rarely have a “rip off” situation, so visitors to Sapa at this time often take their time and enjoy the slow morning. In the afternoon, it is recommended to visit the village or “hunting clouds” in the midst of the beautiful mountain range.


Evasive sunset

From mid-September onwards, the sky in Sapa gets dark earlier than usual. On the top of the hill overlooking the mountains in the distance, from about 16:30p.m., the sky and earth were flooded with the purple fire of the sunset, with soft rays of light embracing the layers of clouds.

Silk Path Grand Sapa | Then Yard
Sunset at Then Yard, Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa

Watch the sunset slowly behind the magnificent Hoang Lien Son range with exciting walks or just sit back and relax, enjoy a cup of afternoon tea at the Then Yard outdoor courtyard of Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa – The “paradise” in the clouds is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, where the quintessence of Sapa in the “golden” season can be enjoyed.


Drifting white clouds

Every September, tourists cannot miss the essential activity of “hunting clouds” in Sapa. The weather will be cold at this time, the clouds converge on the clear sky, making visitors think they are lost in a wonderland. The moment visitors see the sea of clouds floating right next to them will raise indescribable emotions.

Amazing “cloud hunting” locations:

Ta Van Village
Y Ty
O Quy Ho


Unique culture

After the September harvest season, life in the highlands of Sapa becomes busier by small business activities, market meetings, especially on the weekends. Along the way to the town center, it is easy to see the Hmong and Dao ethnic people in colorful costumes carrying the special “gui” basket on their backs, motorbikes carrying freighters passing by to keep up with the market, women in colorful Northwest traditional dresses sell their harvests on the roadside, men in groups of five gather around a steaming pot of “Thang Co” and old people drunkenly enjoy a glass of fragrant corn wine.

Although from mid-September, the terraced fields have lost their luster and eye-catching, the natural landscape of Sapa is still beautiful, peaceful, rich and has a human silhouette, creating an overall beautiful picture.