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With capacity for 70 people and a varied catering selection, Silk Path Hotel Hanoi can organize a plethora of meeting types. Whether you’re hosting an elegant banquet, a catered meeting or a smaller roundtable event, we can adapt to your needs. Our goal is to make sure your event is a success, including serving up a dizzying array of food options and attending to your guests’ diverse desires.


Hold your banquet in a distinguished setting at Silk Path Hotel Hanoi, giving your guests premium service, varied cuisine and a night tailored to your needs.


Whether it’s a small seminar, mid-sized roundtable or full-on conference, our elegant facilities and dedicated staff can adapt to make sure your meeting goes smoothly.

Venue Dimension (sqm) Theater
Single U
Hang Bong 1 & 2 70 70 35 50 40 55
Hang Bong 3 & 4 40 30 15 25 20 30
Hang Bong 1 37 30 9 15 15 20
Hang Bong 2 33 30 15 25 20 30
Hang Bong 3 20 Round or rectangular table for 08 persons
Hang Bong 4 20 Round or rectangular table for 08 persons

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