Hanoi Opera House – Hanoi's historical & architectural landmark

Situated nearby Hoan Kiem Lake, just 600m from Silk Path Boutique Hanoi, the Hanoi Opera House has long been a remarkable landmark and must-visit travel destination of the Capital City, hosting numerous grandeur national events.


Visit Hue, Vietnam: Your comprehensive travel guide

A visit to Hue, the heritage heartland of Vietnam is to discover its rich culture, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. Read our Silk Path travel guide to find out what to do, where to stay and what to eat in Hue - the capital of Vietnam’s last feudal rulers.


Sapa - Vietnam's fantastic flower heaven

Located in the Northwest of Vietnam, Sapa attracts many visitors through its stunning nature, rich cultural diversity, and friendly people. With the cool climate all year round, different types of Sapa flowers bloom each month, embracing such a heavenly vibe for each trip!


Lễ Ăn Hỏi: Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony

Have you ever wondered what an engagement ceremony is like in Vietnam? This Silk Path’s guide will help you understand more about "Lễ Ăn Hỏi" one of the most important events in Vietnamese wedding traditions.


Cha ca La Vong - Hanoi-style grilled fish

“Cha ca La Vong”, “Cha ca Thang Long” or “Cha ca Ha Thanh” (Hanoi Tumeric Grilled Fish with Dill) is an iconic Hanoian dish and a culinary myth for visitors and food lovers coming to the Capital City.


Best things to do in Hue, Vietnam

There are so many incredible things to do in Hue, Vietnam. In this blog, Silk Path has summarized and created a list of must-do activities in the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam - Take a good look and pick out the ones you want to do!

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