Healthy practices in quarantine hotel

This article is our suggestions of what Silk Path Hotel Hanoi can do to help make your quarantine stay better, to be healthy and boost your well-being.

Silk Path Hotel Hanoi has welcomed thousands of quarantining travellers from all over the world to our accommodation. During quarantine, there are pretty limited things to do in a hotel room and it’s easy to drift into an unhealthy state of mind. Below is our suggestions of what we can do to help make these days better, to stay healthy and boost your wellbeing:

During the first days of quarantine, you may find that it’s relaxing to do whatever you want at any time. But eventually, you may get tired of these and you might find yourself looking for a balanced and normal life. That’s why planning a routine and following it is important - it will prevent you from getting tired of quarantine quickly and help you become more efficient.

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In order to start a healthy life, working out is a great option to boost your immune system and your mental health. Browse Youtube for your free workout exercises - there will be one that you can follow while staying in your hotel rooms and suits your fitness level.
Our recommendations:


It's easy to feel anxious and cooped up during the 14-day quarantine in a room and not being able to meet friends and family in person. Then it’s time to try yoga and meditation or just a few deep breath to relieve stress, lower your anxiety level, and improve the quality of your sleep.
Youtube will be of great help to find yoga tutorials. There are also applications to assist you with meditation practice such as Calm, Headspace - All you need to do is grab your smartphone and download the apps.



Quarantine makes it impossible for you to go out for a haircut, manicure or massage; however, there’re still a lot of things you can do to loosen up in hotel rooms: a long bath to clean off a day’s stress, a quality sleep to improve concentration and productivity, a skin care routine or a book that you may not have time to do/read before and so on. Investing your time in self-care will help you better handle the stress and uncertainty during this time.

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Don’t forget to socialise! The best way to ease loneliness is to maintain human interaction. Thanks to technology, there are a lot of methods to keep in touch with your loved ones these days: Facetime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp… will assist you in connecting with your friends from the comfort of your hotel rooms.

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Silk Path Hotel Hanoi believes that during the progress of standard 14-day quarantine, our guests should be provided with the most upgraded service, the most prudential safety procedure and the most relaxed experience. Each of our Silk Path Hotel Hanoi room includes:

  • High speed Internet, which is a straightforward and user-oriented way to work and to connect with your beloved ones from one place.
  • A comfortable bathtub with hot water, wherein you can spend leisure time bathing and healing.
  • Excellent food with varied selection. Our menu changes daily to follow up with the guests’ likings. The balance between flavors and nutrition is an important perspective for our chefs also.

Our dedicated and experienced team are always ready to listen to your needs and ensure you have a comfortable and safe stay with us.


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