Quarantine procedure at hotels in Hanoi

Quarantine is a proper action that helps in fighting against the COVID-19. Hotels are required to strictly follow the requirements and implement health and safety protocols to limit the spread of coronavirus.
Silk Path Hotel Hanoi strictly comply with quarantine/isolation protocols. Photo: VnExpress.

After arriving at Noi Bai airport, you will be transferred to the nearest COVID testing point where the medical staff will proceed to examine and run tests on you while helping with the registration process. If no sign of the virus is spotted, the medical staff will show you how to disinfect and put you into specialized protective clothes; you will then be taken to the hotel.  
Please note that your passport will be collected by the medical staff. The hotel has a responsibility of preserving this for the duration of your stay. It will be given back to you when you check out of the hotel.


As a safety measure, please remain inside your room and avoid contact with other visitors staying in other rooms for the duration of your stay at the hotel. You can only leave your room under selected circumstances such as taking samples for testing or being asked to by authority; all instances of visitors leaving their hotel rooms should be carried out with quarantine guidelines regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing in mind.
You are advised to follow the guidelines provided by the hotel during your stay. We encourage you to be cooperative and stay on top of any changes regarding the COVID regulation. The involved bodies of authority are: The Vietnamese government, the CDC, the Ministry of Health - the Department of Health - Hoan Kiem District Medical Center.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by the hotel and delivered to the guest’s room at a designated time of the day.
Cases of testing positive for SARS-CoV 2 will be taken to a hospital for treatment (the hotel will bear no expense for such cases).

During quarantine, there are pretty limited things to do in a hotel room and it’s easy to drift into an unhealthy state of mind. Therefore, Silk Path Hotel Hanoi has prepared some tips that will help make these days better, to stay healthy and boost your wellbeing: Healthy practices in quarantine hotel


Your quarantine duration will be determined by Hoan Kiem District Medical Center and authorized bodies. Therefore, procedures will complete only when you have met the following:
• Having completed the quarantine time set by the Ministry of Health
• Meeting the latest medical requirement of testing negative for the last checkup
• Having received certificate from district health center
You are advised to quarantine at home for another 14 days so that your health is closely monitored after your stay in Hanoi.
Cost for COVID-19 test: VND 734,000 / test (updated on July 2021)
(*) Please be noted:
• All the required paperwork for the registration process at the hotel needs to be ready.
• Were the required paperwork to not be done on time or any question on the registration process to be raised, please contact our hotline +84 94 8585 222 or leave your information for detailed instruction.



  • Vietnamese returning from abroad and experts, engineers and entrepreneurs
  • Ship owners and sailors who want to enter Vietnam
  • People in centralized quarantine areas who want to quarantine in hotels
  • Potential F1, F2 and F3. F1 cases will only be allowed entry if tested negative for COVID
  • Please contact us for more information if your case is not mentioned in the above
Silk Path Hotel Hanoi - Awarded quarantine hotel in Hanoi.

1.    Strictly imposed procedures
This should be the number one criterion to consider when choosing a hotel for quarantining. Hotels with a clearly defined and effectively imposed set of procedures and rules will be a haven for your safety and well-being, putting your mind at peace.

Protective clothes are provided for staff of Silk Path Hotel Hanoi. Photo: VnExpress.

2.    Reputation
A hotel with a prestige brand name is a reliable one. The reputation of a hotel can be reflected by many things: its rich history, international prizes, online reviews or ratings on popular traveling websites such as Tripadvisor, Booking.com or Agoda.

3.    Modern facilities
It is an absolute must, during this quarantine period, to have a private and relaxing space equipped with all the things that you need to function as your normal self, stay productive and retain a good state of physical and mental health. Therefore, make sure to choose a hotel that can get you access to a spacious, fully furnished room with conveniences such as windows, bathtub and a stable wifi connection.

Executive room at Silk Path Hotel Hanoi.

4.    Quality meals
A diverse menu with meals that are scientifically tailored to be nutritional will have the ability to not only fill your stomachs but also nourish your souls in this time of hardship. Make a mental note to check out the culinary options provided by chefs in quarantine hotels.

5.    Top notch service
CLast but not least, you need to consider the standard of services provided by the hotel staff. A collection of individuals who are warm, enthusiastic and responsive to all your questions and demands is going to play an important role in giving you as relaxing and peaceful an experience as possible.


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