S'Patisserie 5 creative drinks of 2022

S’Patisserie is proud to introduce 5 new innovative beverages with unique flavors, inspired by the trendy rhythm of life, dynamic of the three regions of Vietnam: North - Central - South. Coffee, tea and more. What other secrets need to be revealed?

Pandan leaves and brown rice tea

Brown rice is a famous name of healthy eating and macrobiotic diets because of its benign ingredients, low energy content, and safe for users. People who exercise with high intensity also love brown rice recipes and drinks because it is easy to control calories, limit fat accumulation, and help reduce hunger or cravings.

Silk Path’s brown rice tea is also very healthy and suitable for all diets. The characteristic mild taste from brown rice, the faint scent of tropical pandan leaves creates a great cooling drink for hot and muggy days.

  • Price: VND 30,000/ glass
  • Sweetness: Tender, mild
  • Serving: Cold – With ice

Butterfly pea flower tea

Known as the anti-aging "panacea" for women, Butterfly pea flower is a special herb, with an eye-catching purple-blue color and many other great health benefits. A cup of butterfly pea flower tea a day helps detox the body effectively, stabilizes metabolic activity in the body and cleans the digestive system.

Silk Path’s Butterfly pea flower tea recipe has a warm, rich taste of honey, combined with a variety of savory and sweet cakes that are very appetizing without losing the delicious taste of the dish.

  • Price: VND 30,000/ glass
  • Sweetness: Tender, mild
  • Serving: Cold – With ice

Chamomile honey green tea

The main ingredients are dried chamomile and fresh green tea leaves, Silk Path’s chamomile green tea when enjoyed is often bitter, fragrance of flowers and leaves a bit of a fleshy aftertaste. Although it has an outstanding warm taste, in fact, chamomile honey green tea is more natural, has a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

Chamomile green tea combined with honey is like a "folk remedy" against flu symptoms, lessening insomnia and menstrual pain in women.

  • Price: VND 30,000/ glass
  • Sweetness: Tender, mild
  • Serving: Cold – With ice

Salt-voury coffee

A one-of-a-kind version of the Dalgona coffee that once “stormed” the TikTok community. Salt-voury coffee is Silk Path’s exclusive original recipe, combining the famous Hue salted coffee and the salty milk cream layer with some modification on the way the foam cream is whipped.

It is essential for foodies and “coffeeholics” to experience the three layers of vigorous emotion of the Silk Path’s Salt-voury coffee: the memorable salted cream foam, the energetic ice coffee, and the mellowly condensed milk. When thoroughly stirred, it creates a tense, striking and trendy taste.

  • Price: VND 75,000/ glass
  • Sweetness: Rich
  • Serving: Cold – With ice

Hanoian egg coffee

A standard Hanoi-style egg coffee, but doubled the flavor due to the addition of two egg-whipped cream layers.

The Hanoian egg coffee has two distinct layers, a silky smooth, golden coating and a slightly bitter, delicious pure coffee, Silk Path's Hanoian egg coffee that causes a light “shock’’ to many people because of its consistency and the traditional Vietnamese-style filter coffee.

  • Price: VND 85,000/ cup
  • Sweetness: Rich
  • Serving: Hot

You can find these fantastic drinks at S’Patisserie, a bakery with a modern, cozy atmosphere, with the style of a bistro on the street corner of Paris. We are always proud to be TripAdvisor’s #1 bakery in Hanoi. 

Customers can enjoy the drinks both on site or take-away.

Address: 17 - 19 Hang Khay, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Hotline: 0888.431.696

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