Sapa - Vietnam's fantastic flower heaven

Located in the Northwest of Vietnam, Sapa attracts many visitors through its stunning nature, rich cultural diversity, and friendly people. With the cool climate all year round, different types of Sapa flowers bloom each month, embracing such a heavenly vibe for each trip!
The Tranquil Beauty White Plum
@Silk Path Grand Sapa

White Plum Blossom

When Spring begins to spread the very first sunshine on the hills, grasslands, and paddy fields, that’s a memorable time for the white plum blossoms, to appear gorgeously. The plum crowns are just over the top of the tree, the flowers are wrapped around each other like a splendid net.

Thousands of hectares of plum blossom fields make the most romantic Spring paradise for nature-lovers trekkers. While bright peach blossoms lift the spirit of visitors, plum blossoms create peace of mind as the new season comes.

  • Best time to see: January - February
  • Best place to visit: Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa



Pastel Big-Leaf Hydrangeas

The image of big leaf hill hydrangea in the midst of Summer has become a highlight in many travelers’ bucket lists when visiting Sapa.

Standing in the middle exotic summer scape with tranquil blue sky and brilliant sunlight, surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests, the hydrangea gardens of Sapa seem like the far-away fairyland that appears in old tales. May is the most beautiful time for most Sapa flowers to bloom, for pastel hydrangeas to make their appearance and the right time for visitors to check in.

  • Best time to see: Early April - May
  • Best place to visit: Sau Chua Garden


Mountain Azalea

The queen of North Western Vietnamese flowers, the azalea, is a symbol of summer in the mountains. Even though there are various colors for this beauty, the pure red azalea is the most majestic shade for Sapa’s azaleas. Every year, from April, the wild shrub blooms over the forests and among the hills, creating a fiery look for Sapa. 

  • Best time to see: Late April - May
  • Best place to visit: Sau Chua Garden
The Red Queen Azalea - @Internet


Colorful Ancient Roses

If Da Lat has a love valley, Sapa also has a romantic and beautiful rose valley. Every corner of Sapa seems like a charming muse coming out of a famous poem, with the Silk Path Grand Sapa’s rose as one of the most alluring ladies. From early morning, when it’s still frosty, the wild rose garden brightens the day with her gorgeous colorful blooming shades. The rosy scent lingers in the air, enhancing a cozy feeling, away from the regular hustle and bustle of daytime.

  • Best time to see: Year-round, but the most alluring at May - June, September - October
  • Best place to visit: Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa, Fansipan Road



Imported Purpleish Wisteria

If Japan and its fantasies are to your liking, do not miss a chance to see the mysterious wisteria while in Sapa. Although wisteria does not belong to Vietnam’s culture, her beauty is beyond imagination and captivating to many eyes. Sapa is one of the few locations that can successfully import and grow wisteria. When the time comes, the wisteria remarkably blooms like purple rain and falls down from the branch like a graceful veil, tagging the pleasant wind and mild sunlight along.

  • Best time to see: February - Late March
  • Best place to see: Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa 




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