Silk Path Grand Hue must-try dishes

The best destination to eat and to visit is always a topic of special interest every festive season. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the delicious Hue dishes that "seduce everyone", newly updated at Nam Phuong restaurant of Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel.

Hue beef noodle soup Shabu Shabu



If you are a fan of Japanese food then you must have had Shabu Shabu hot pot, everyone will never forget the unique taste, imbued with the identity of the nation of cherry blossoms.

At Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel, the chefs have combined the traditional Hue beef noodle soup recipe and the modern Shabu Shabu cooking style to create a “one of a kind” dish: Silk Path Shabu Shabu beef noodle soup, with 3 outstanding features:

  • The broth is served in the form of hot pot: In addition to the secret recipe of Hue, Silk Path Grand Hue uses an on-site boiling pot to keep the set’s warmth and freshness when enjoyed immediately.
  • Royal crab balls: Instead of traditional beef balls, crab cakes are used to enhance the flavor of the broth. A plus point for Shabu Shabu crab cake is that even if it is forgotten in the boiling broth, this ball will not be friable, but on the contrary, the longer it is dipped in the broth, the richer it will be.
  • Premium beef: The meat fibers are cut evenly by hand with low fat percentage, perfectly blended with pork shank, spices and rice noodles.

Clam Rice, Clam Noodles

Clam rice and Clam noodles are eaten by Hue people a lot, from breakfast to dinner, day by day. Coming to Hue without eating Clam rice and Clam noodles is a shortcoming, even if you eat dozens of other dishes, including the famous Royal dishes, without Clam rice and Clam noodles, that Hue trip will be incomplete. In the past, the people in Con made a living by hunting clams; they used to eat the clams with cold rice and spices that they could gather. Later on, this dish was stylized and modified into a dish served with rice noodles, from which it spread throughout Con and Hue because of the deliciousness of a dish from the working class but embodied the true Hue spirit.

This very rustic rice dish has all the qualities of Hue people such as meticulousness, sophistication, and talent. Whenever your travel should bring you to Silk Path Grand Hue, don't forget to enjoy the sweet and spicy taste of this special rice - noodle dish.

“Afterlife” rice

“Muốn ăn cơm đĩa trữ tình
Có quán Âm phủ, ma rình phía trong”

With simple and easy-to-find ingredients such as white rice, grilled meat, duck eggs, spring rolls, cucumbers, fresh shrimp, herbs, “Afterlife” rice was once a dish for the people who worked hard at night - Also known as "yin" time - the origin of the name "Afterlife rice".

People can enjoy this famous delicacy at Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel's Nam Phuong restaurant. A plate of “Afterlife” rice at Nam Phuong restaurant is prepared in a creative style, with the highlight being the eye-catching blue rice, dyed blue from the blue butterfly pea flower petals grown on the hotel premises along with skillfully seasoned, mouth-watering side dishes.

Plain rice flan



Plain rice flan is one of the famous local dishes of Hue. Even though it is quite similar to Southern “Banh Xeo”, the taste of Plain rice flan is vastly different. On a cold day, what's more "delightful" than enjoying each layer of hot fried dough, while watching the street sink into the deep rain?

The making of Plain rice flan is quite elaborate: when the oil is boiling hot, the chef quickly pours a thin layer of dough to coat the mold. Once the cake is golden, add shrimp, meat, and bean sprouts to one side, flip the remaining cake upside down into a semicircle, avoiding scorched sides. This recipe is improved by Silk Path's chef by including crab sticks to give the filling a sweeter taste, reducing the greasy feeling of fried food.

Dipping sauce made from a sesame base with crushed roasted peanuts, soy sauce, minced pork liver should be very fragrant. The flan is served with raw vegetables, herbs, sour star fruit, acrid bananas and thinly sliced ​​figs are extremely fresh and cool.

Mixed bean sweet soup

Besides sophisticated and luxurious royal banquets, the ancient capital is also very famous for delicate desserts, especially Hue sweet soups. Mixed bean sweet soup has a very unique flavor: the fleshy taste of the shiny boiled beans, which melts in the mouth - Combined with the fatty taste of coconut milk and blended in the faint aroma of pandan leaves, it seduces people, makes them craving for more after the first bowl.

Silk Path's bean sweet soup is also dotted with fruit jellies with natural colors such as butterfly pea jelly, “Khuc Bach” jelly, and mango jelly to remove the "fatigue" from the mixed ingredients.

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