Stylish Chef's recipe for social distancing days

At the moment, staying home is the best way to limit the spread of dangerous viruses and maximize our community’s safety level. Meanwhile, we can always add some spices to home-based life by the ultimate joy of cooking and tasting.

We are living under such an unforgettable time that COVID-19 has long been a threatening and annoying existence, with social distancing gradually becoming a part of the new normal. At the moment, staying home is the best way to limit the spread of dangerous viruses and maximize our community’s safety level. Meanwhile, we can always add some spices to home-based life by the ultimate joy of cooking and tasting. Let’s pick up the most colorful pans, sharpen all knives and keep your station warm!

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Today, the 5-star Chef, Mr. Dang Tuan Dat from Silk Path Hotels & Resorts will inspire your inner creativity, first, through a mesmerizing handy challenge: How to recreate famous Four-Season Grilled Seafood with Passion Fruit Sauce & ‘Mac Khen’ (Northern Vietnamese Prickly Ash) Sauce your way. The referenced recipe stated below is well-simplified from his regular hotel menu, later adapted to daily cooking techniques and mostly local-friendly ingredients, including protein-rich sources like fresh salmon, shrimp, and natural vitamin-boosters asparagus, lettuce, or more. For under 1 hour, you will have a wholesome, healthy, easy-going meal that might tantalize every taste bud and lift the laziest moods.

Four-Season Grilled Seafood by Silk Path Hotels & Resorts



‘Mac Khen’ (Northern Vietnamese Prickly Ash) Sauce:
• Peel and mince the garlic cloves. Put minced garlic, ‘mac khen’, sesame oil, oyster oil, salt, soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of water into a bowl and steam for about 7 minutes. Gently mix all sauce ingredients.
• Make a slurry out of water, cornstarch and chili powder (ratio 1:1:1). Pour into the sauce when it boils. Lower the heat and stir well until the sauce gets thickened.
• Turn off the heat. Let the sauce cool down for a few minutes. Add whipping cream and whisk until the sauce reaches a smoothened texture.


Passion Fruit Sauce:
• Slice the passion fruits into halves. Extract the juice and seed. Place into a blender and proceed at high speed. Strain the mixture twice to remove all crusts.
• Simmer the passion fruit liquid under medium heat. When it boils, slowly add sugar/ honey and whipping cream into the sauce. Stir gently and lower the heat.
• When the bubble appears, turn off the heat and let the sauce cool down. Strain the sauce to remove the remaining bubbles.


Grilled Seafood:
• Wash the veggies and the seafood separately. Cut the squid and fish into serving-size pieces. Let them dry well.
• Remove cherry tomato stems and shape flowers. Trim the asparaguses and cut them into 5 – 10 cm spears.
• Season the seafood with prepared ingredients: ‘mac khen’, coriander seeds and lemon juice. Meanwhile, grill the asparagus for around 13 minutes.
• Grill all seasoned pieces at high heat. When they are half-cooked, spray some rice wine to both sides and until the seafood turns into the right colors.
• Serve the grilled seafood with grilled asparagus, cherry tomatoes and 2 types of sauce.


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