The golden imprint: Bui Huu Hung painting collection

Artist Bui Huu Hung is one of the great pillars of the Vietnamese contemporary art faction. Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel is displaying a precious part of the artist's lacquer painting collection.

Born and raised in Hanoi, the talented lacquer master Bui Huu Hung always spreads his wings wide, has soaring ideas about people, life and the breath of the times, warmly received by the public and admirers. The association between Bui Huu Hung and Silk Path Grand Hue was very random, started from the admiration for the cultural, artistic and heritage values of the owner. Currently, Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel is displaying a precious part of the artist's lacquer painting collection. The customers dubbed the collection a "billion-dollar exhibition", but Silk Path Grand Hue is honored to preserve this timeless spiritual values!

Bui Huu Hung – Creative materials based on nostalgia



Traditional lacquer has only three colors: brown, black and vermilion. By 1930, artists began to use a new technique that allowed richer combinations of colors. Through years of experience and experimentation, artists add different materials such as ash, crushed eggshell, gold and silver to further enhance the beauty of the creation. These materials help modern artists express themselves more fully, creatively and full of personality in their works.

Coming from a family with a traditional painting profession, Bui Huu Hung soon grasped the intricate techniques of lacquer, how to use local paints resonated with many other creative materials such as oil paints, acrylics, sculptures, etc. to create a deeper layer for his creations.

His works exploit the materials of Vietnamese folklore and legends, and in the fanciful space that lacquer can skillfully portray the full nostalgic "vibe".

The themes and characters from the stream of memories

The main character of Bui Huu Hung often revolves around the royal character lines, usually kings, queens, mysterious ancient characters, or dames, princesses, princes, and wives…

The colors are impressive, the layout is harmonious but still exudes a unique "soul", with clear thoughts about the inner source, mixing obsessions and memories of a golden age.

The world of the Feudal court and secret history of the harem

In the Silk Path campus, the collection of Bui Huu Hung paintings has an attractive, realistic appearance, elegant and sophisticated color scheme, inspired by ancient feudal stories mixed with charming beauty of Vietnamese folklore, expressing the character's heart deeply through eyes, mouth, eyebrow lines or sitting posture, while clearly portraying the emotional and patriotic inner world of the esteemed author.





The association of the past, the combination of classical drawing style with decoration and lacquer materials - The combination of creative genius with the rigorous skill of a craftsman has brought immense value to the masterpieces of Bui Huu Hung.

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