Calm and serene, accompanied by a cool breeze, the sky is overcast and rainy in both the early morning and late evening. These are the unmistakable signs that Hanoi’s autumn, the most enchanting season of the thousand-year-old capital, has made its return.
Whether this is your first time in Hanoi or not, there must be a fluttering feeling about the nostalgic autumn of Hanoi. So let’s wake up early with Silk Path, admire the romantic autumn sky, take a walk on the peaceful streets to appreciate the life, people and ‘specialties’ of Hanoi’s autumn.



The canvas of golden leaves descending

Autumn tiptoed into Hanoi. Across breezy nights, trees adorned themselves with changing colors. Leaves, now yellow, gracefully descended to blanket the familiar paths.

Mornings reveal clarity, the sun gentler than June’s scorching days, painting Hanoi’s sky with purity and poetry. Along Hang Khay, Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu streets, autumn’s ambiance prevails. Passersby naturally slow down, pausing to absorb the enchanting and poetic scenery.


The alluring aroma of milkwood pine blossoms

Autumn’s delightful moments arrive, bringing tranquility to heaven and earth, serenity to hearts, and the sky is graced with the sweet fragrance of thousands of tiny milkwood pine flowers.

Late September to early October marks the milkwood pine flower season. Though small and not as vibrant as summer’s colorful bougainvillea or fiery red phoenix flowers, these blossoms captivate with their fragile, graceful appearance and distinct fragrant charm – akin to a character in a magical fairy tale.



The graceful offerings of Com (young green rice flakes)


In the palette of Hanoi’s autumn, the mention of ‘Cốm’, the young rice flakes, is inevitable – an exquisite gift from the rice plant. These green “pearls of the sky,” a culinary staple for Hanoians, can be savored on their own, paired with bananas, sautéed with sugar, or crafted into a sweet soup, catering to diverse preferences and tastes.

Along the well-trodden old streets, charming street vendors with bunches of fresh rice adorned with green lotus leaves are a common sight. Whether purchasing a mere ounce or more, nuggets are meant to be enjoyed leisurely, allowing each bite to unravel the passionate stories of Hanoi.



Balconies adorned with blossoms

Hanoi, with its centuries-old streets, possesses a unique and distinctive charm. On the balconies of ancient houses and villas, hues of sunlight, leaves, and flowers harmonize beneath the autumn sky, crafting a picturesque scene. Against the yellow and gray walls steeped in old Indochinese culture, with lingering shadows of bricks and tiles and the patina of time, each sesame tree canopy and sun-kissed Indian almond tree transition from green to yellow. The drooping bougainvillea trees and ornamental persimmons, though less vibrant, exude a gentle, autumnal allure.

The pulse of Hanoi’s life reverberates on these balconies, where early risers engage in exercises, tend to plants, and care for their homes. Soon after, people gather on shop balconies, sipping coffee and engaging in conversations. A poetic Hanoi unfolds in mid-autumn, captured on the corners of these balconies.


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