Bun rieu – Small crab noodle soup

Bun rieu – Small crab noodle soup

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Description Not a worldwide known dish as Pho, Bun Rieu, small crab noodle soup, is one of the favorites for breakfast of Vietnamese people. It’s another must-try dish for international travelers when visiting Hanoi.

What is Bun Rieu

Vietnamese gastronomy showcases a wide range of “bun”, each with a distinctive taste. Of all the types of this specialty food, “bun rieu cua” (vermicelli and sour crab soup) is famous for its uniqueness. The scrumptiousness of this dish is mainly attributed to its secret recipe as well as the meticulous selection of seasoning to have a nice red color with the sweet taste of crab.

While people may think that its broth is seafood-based, the traditional broth is actually from pork bone (pork bone is boiled for many hours so that the broth is naturally sweet).  The ‘hero’ of this dish is the crab mixture (riêu), which is sautéed with tomatoes, contributing to the slight tart and sweetness of this soup noodle. That crab paste immediately melts once it touches your tongue, yet the crab flavor would remain until you finish the portion.

Depending on the region, bun rieu might also come topped with beef, pork, snails or fish. Vermicelli noodles swim in the soup, adding balance to a dish that’s both colorful and light. Add to that the requisite plateful of lime wedges, chili, and greens – like banana blossoms and mint – and you have a perfect meal. 

Silk Path’s recommendation

  • Bun rieu Hang Bong: 75 Hang Bong Str.
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