If you want to experience Sapa like a local, pluck up your courage and have a taste of the interesting and unique specialty, Thang Co – a dish made from horse meat and horse organs.


Visitors to Sapa will have the chance to not only admire the alluring beauty of nature but also savour the unique culinary of the ethnic minorities here, especially the controversial dish made of horse, Thang Co. International travelers, or even Vietnamese visitors who lives in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi City, Ha Long, may have difficulty eating this unique dish at the first try because of its unpleasant fragrance. However, once you have swallowed the first bite, we’re quite sure that you’ll be addicted to its distinctive taste.


Despite that there’s a lot variations of the origin and name of the dish, it seems to come to the conclusion that Thang Co originated from Mong ethnic group and it gradually spread to other minorities in the mountainous region in Northwest of Vietnam. It is considered that the name “Thang Co” comes from how the Mong ethnicity call and pronounce it – “thoang co” which means “a pot of water” or “khau tha” which means “meat soup”.

It was traditionally made of horses when they become too old to work or get sick. Horse was the major mean of transportation during that time; therefore, meals with Thang Co was considered a feast and served only on special occasions. Nowadays, you can find this dish in the menu of almost every restaurant in Sapa as people also cook the dish with not only horse but also buffalo, cow, pig…



Thang Co Leaf

You may know that Thang Co’s main ingredient is horse meat, but traditionally, it is made from a whole horse, which includes horse meat, intestines and bones. Yes, you’re reading it correctly, it includes horse intestines. Cooking authentic Thang Co means you’re not wasting anything.

Now, you must be wondering, how can the ethnic ones can cook and eat a dish like that? The answer is quite simple! They know how to combine it with different herbs: Twelve kinds of spices are added. These consists of cardamom, citronella, ginger, star aniseed,… and last but not least the “thang co leaf”, the soul of the dish. It has such a special fragrance that without the plant, we cannot cook a perfect Thang Co. After the meat and organ are washed, they are stewed with bones, blood and the 12 botanical herbs for hours. The locals often consume the dish with chayote vegetables, cabbage, bokchoy… Chilli, pepper and salt can also be added to better suit your personal taste.



If you have decided to give this specialty dish of the minorities a try, here’s is our recommended restaurants:

  • A Quynh Restaurant: 15 Thach Son Street, Sapa Town
  • Moment Romantic Restaurant: 26 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town
  • Sapa Deli Restaurant: 11 Cau May, Sapa Town


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