A visit to Hue, the heritage heartland of Vietnam is to discover its rich culture, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. Read our Silk Path travel guide to find out what to do, where to stay and what to eat in Hue – the capital of Vietnam’s last feudal rulers.


MUST-SEEs: Best attractions in Hue, Vietnam 

Dai Noi (Imperial City)

The Imperial City of Hue is a massive complex of ancient Citadel monuments in Vietnam, imposing Hue royal architecture with numerous admirable temples, lavish palaces, and dignified shrines. The two main areas include the Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City, which take an average of one day to discover. Visitors are greatly impressed by the architectural works of Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Palace, Can Chanh Palace, Thai Binh Lau, and Dien Tho Palace.

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Royal tombs

The mausoleum system in Hue is one of the most elaborate designs in the history of Vietnamese architecture. There are 7 variations of architecture, each one of which reflects a different cultural and economic environment that was synonymous with a particular historical period.

● Tomb of Emperor Gia Long: Lies on Thien Tho, Huong Tho, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien – Hue.
● Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang: 12km from downtown Hue, located on Cam Khe mountain, near Bang Lang junction, otherwise known as “Hieu Lang”
● Tomb of Emperor Thieu Tri: Leaning against Thuan Dao mountain, in Cu Chanh village, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, 8km from downtown Hue
● Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc: Located in a narrow valley in Thuong Ba village, Thuy Xuan, downtown Hue
● Tomb of Duc Duc: Located in An Cuu, downtown Hue.
● Tomb of Dong Khanh: Thuong Hai village, Thuy Xuan, downtown Hue, located between Thieu Tri’s Tomb and Tu Duc’s Tomb
● Tomb of Khai Dinh: Lies on Chau Chu mountain, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, 10km southwest of downtown Hue

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Bronze gilded statue of Emperor Khai Dinh

Tomb of Minh Mang.


Thien Mu Pagoda

With over 400 years of history, Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the most ancient pagodas in Hue City. Built on a high hill, converging the sacred mountain & water element by Feng Shui, Thien Mu Pagoda embraces astonishing architecture, under extraordinary cultural and spiritual artwork traits. Its surroundings are no less magnificent, with a beautiful garden and utmost tranquility.

Phuoc Duyen Tower at Thien Mu Pagoda.


An Hien Garden House

Once a residence of a princess, An Hien Garden House is one of the most ancient garden houses in Hue City. The ancient house follows Vietnamese tradition, such as perfect furniture installation, the sharp corners of the lotus pond and stone walk highlighting parallelity, the brick wall well-carved with ‘Longevity’ in the middle and ‘Happiness’ on both sides to carry the grace and lucky wish, making An Hien a place with timeless and endless trails.

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MUST-Dos: Things to do in Hue, Vietnam

Enjoy Hue culinary

Famous for its vibrant colors and remarkable flavors, Hue cuisine has long been beloved by many. The term “art” is well-attached to every dish, no matter where its origin, as Hue cuisine embraces the Imperial sense and the truly Hue lifestyle.

To Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa, each dish is a delight and a work of art, reflects not only the Chefs’ skillful technique but also the profound love of Hue people for cuisines, in another way, life’s share.

Fine dining collection of Hue culinary at Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa


Explore the coffee & tea culture

Nothing kicks off your inner energy better than a cup of good coffee or tea. To Hue people, enjoying coffee and tea is a local culture, as they take quite some time to indulge in the drink and live in the moment.

When in Hue, do not miss the chance to stop by Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel (No. 2, Le Loi Street, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue City) to cool down your journey with the signature Afternoon Tea set, from VND 190,000++/ person.


Take photos with traditional costumes

Wearing the Nguyen Dynasty’s costumes, Nhat Binh shirt, or five-flap tunic is becoming a trend for Hue travelers. The young generation takes a deep interest in reviving the cultural values imbued with national identity as these wonderful traditional outfits hold great cultural significance and special Hue features.

Photo by Hoa Nghiem Bridal


Where to stay: Best hotel in Hue, Vietnam

At the point where a sweeping canal and a tree-lined street meet – and within walking distance to the train station and poetic river – rests the Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa. Hue’s imperial heritage inspired the décor of the rooms, with opulent furnishings to complement views from the broad windows. Guests can experience exquisite dining at Nam Phuong or Olivio restaurant; discover the epitome of luxurious pampering at the hotel’s exclusive Chi Spa or dive into happiness at the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool.
Silk Path Grand Hue - Overview