Even at first glimpse, the Northwestern land of Vietnam – Sapa – leaves a magnificent impression with marvelous nature, the topography of rice terraces, green forests, lush valleys, and emerald mountains lying side by side.

Ever wonder what’s there to do in a day in the dreamy Sapa? Deep blue sky for forever, a paddy field of sunlight, and all kinds of wildflowers blooming, urging you to come and be overwhelmed by nature’s beauty. Let’s discover the best attractions & things to do in Silk Path’s Sapa travel guide.


Sapa Travel Guide: MUST-SEEs

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village – Photo: @oowenong

Among the alluring destinations of Sapa, Cat Cat Village is a great place with wonderful cultural colors and relaxing trekking traits that travelers should not miss while staying in town.

Nearly 80 households of the Mong ethnic live along the stone road in Cat Cat Village, keeping the unique Northwestern lifestyle vivid with their traditional home, outfit, and daily activities surrounded by nature.


Ham Rong Mountain. Photo: Trinh Thu Trang

Ham Rong Mountain

Shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning, Ham Rong Mountain is a fine combination of the man-made and natural landscape in Sapa, home to numerous kinds of flowers and orchard gardens, making a great ecosystem to the Town.

You can find the shades of the forest here with peaches, plums or pears – The trees represent Northwestern Vietnam’s spirit.




Fansipan is always on top of Sapa travel list. Tickets for Muong Hoa train – Vietnam’s longest mountain railway, are sold right across the road from the central market. The train stops at the Fansipan station from where cable cars will take visitors to the top.

You can visit the strawberry garden, Bao An Thien Tu Temple, and the statue of Guan Yin on the way from Fansipan train station to the cable car station.




Sapa Travel Guide: MUST-DOs

Pamper yourself with the Red Dao herbal bath 

Red Dao Herbal Bath at Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa

After a long exhausting walk around the Town, nothing beats a Sapa’s Red Dao herbal bath session. Slipping into a hot, healing bath with calming music is really beneficial for your body and mind.




Enjoy the Sapa special dishes

Treating yourself to a delightful hot pot session is one of the best ways to spice up the evening in Sapa. At Silk Path Grand Sapa, the dish is leveling up to the next flavorful level, with fresh ingredients and local touch to every single taste.

Recommended dishes:

  • Chicken hotpot specialties set
  • À-la-carte menu for Western food
  • Mediterranean Pizza



Rock Sapa by night programs

Funtastic nights at Sky 6 Lounge – Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa
Diva Karaoke at Silk Path Grand Sapa


After Sapa exploration is time to pull off the fancy outfits and let your feet loose. Stop by DIVA Karaoke across the street from Silk Path and dance to your heart’s content with the amazing music collection.

A small karaoke tip: You should only consume beer and fruit at this point. Once the singing is over, you can go to Sky6 to enjoy pumping music, fancy wine.