Hanoi in the pristine season

In the early winter days, Hanoi streets are adorned with the fragile beauty of the blooming white daisies, which have become an indispensable ‘specialty’ of Hanoi. These days, let’s put aside the hustle and bustle of the capital to go on a walk and admire the pure beauty of the daisies..
Photo: @Bùi Ngọc Công

Daisies, the soul of Hanoi’s winter day

Photo: @Việt Nguyễn

Not as beautiful as the red velvet roses, not as brilliant as the sunflowers that always “go towards the Sun”, the daisies are just daisies, which are gentle, pure and full of nostalgia. No one knows where this flower originated and why it is planted so much, but people are eager to search for the lovely sights of the daisies at the end of October and early November.

Photo: @Việt Nguyễn

From the street vendors along the streets of Hang Khay, Hang Bong, Phan Dinh Phung, Yen Phu, Thuy Khue, and Kim Ma to stalls in many famous markets such as Long Bien, Quang Ba, we can easily find thousands of pure white flowers with yellow pistils, with green branches and leaves that are intertwined, gently showing off their colors.

Even though we cannot deny its beauty, each season of daisies’ bloom only lasts about 3-4 short weeks. If you don’t want to miss the moments with this flower, take advantage of this time to enjoy the pure beauty of this flower.

Let’s take a walk around Hanoi with a bouquet of Daisie

On the weekend, take a sip of tea or coffee, enjoy the aftertaste of autumn gifts – rice nuggets, and admire the bouquet of daisies…

Photo: @phuonganh.uni

…Or visit Nhat Tan and Au Co gardens to embrace the tenderness of daisies in each frame.




Photo: @Phạm Lan Hương

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