With a history of over 100 years, Long Bien Bridge is not only a traffic construction but also a meaningful living historical evidence of the courageous of Hanoi during the two greatest wars against the French colonialists and American imperialism.



History of Long Bien Bridge

The Long Bien Bridge was constructed from 1989 to 1902 during French colonisation. Though the bridge was designed by French, it was built directly by more than 3,000 Vietnamese workers with indigenous construction materials like woods from Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Thanh Hoa province, cement from Hai Phong, Long Tho lime from Hue. Long Bien Bridge was the most significant work in Indochina at that time. On February 28, 1902, Long Bien Bridge was officially called Paul-Doumer Bridge, named after Paul Doumer – The Governor-General of French Indochina and then French president. After Hanoi was liberated on 10 Oct 1954, the bridge was renamed as Long Bien Bridge.

In 1903, Long Bien Bridge was the second longest bridge in the world, only after Brooklyn Bridge in London, England. The bridge is 2,290m across the river and has 19 steel beams spanning over 20 pillars with unique architecture. It consists of a single rail running in the middle and two lanes for bicycles and pedestrians. During the war of destroying the North by the US air force (1965 – 1972), Long Bien bridge was bombed 14 times and was later repaired in 1973. Hence, the bridge has been a living historical relic and now a famous historical landmark in Hanoi for locals and visitors. 




Things to do at Long Bien Bridge

There is a wide range of activities for you to try at this historical landmark of Hanoi:

  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the bridge
  • Walk along the bridge to enjoy the light wind
  • Admire the amazing sunrise and sunset, enjoy the view of the city
  • Capture the beauty of the old railway


Location & How to get to Long Bien Bridge

Located in Hanoi, the iconic Long Bien Bridge stands as a historic landmark spanning the Red River. From Silk Path Hotel Hanoi, it is approximately 2.5 kilometers (walking), while Silk Path Boutique Hanoi is 3.1 kilometers away (walking).

To reach Long Bien Bridge, one can conveniently opt for a taxi ride, enjoy a leisurely stroll, or immerse in the city’s charm by taking a cyclo ride, offering a scenic journey to this architectural gem.

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Photo sources: Shutterstock, Google, Unsplash